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Registered Office: 138 Eighth Avenue, Rosebud Vic 3939

Phone: 0400 322 381

Email: secretary@dromanacerc.org

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This website provides information about the CERC Program and Dromana CERC Ltd. in particular.

The three links below (Directors, Members and Administration) are for members information and are protected by a username and password.




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Dromana CERC Ltd was fist registered as a Co-operative under the Co-operative Act 1981 (Reg. No. G304D) on the 31st October 1995 and at the 1st January 2020 leases ten properties from Common Equity Housing Limited and rents them to its members.


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Dromana CERC Information:


General operations of the CERC in accordance withe Co-operative Act.

CERC Program:       (What is the CERC Program?)

The CERC Program has 1800+  properties around Victoria in a range of suburban, urban and rural locations. The homes are residential houses or units.

Eligibility for CERC Housing:

This link shows the criteria a person or family must meet to obtain CERC housing.

Applying for CERC Membership:

Application must be lodged with Common Equity Housing Limited who will retain the application on its database for reference to CERCs when a vacancy occurs.

History of Dromana CERC:

This link provides an insight of the formation and operation of the Dromana CERC since its incorporation 21 years ago.

Properties Managed by Dromana CERC Ltd:

These ten properties are leased from Common Equity Housing Limited and tenanted by members.

Useful Links:

Links to websites useful for prospective applicants and tenants.



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