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Are you interested in becoming a member of a CERC?


If you are interested in applying for the CEHL Co-operative Housing Program, we encourage you to visit Common Equity Housing Limited's website (www.cehl.com.au) and open the link "How do I Apply" and complete the Application. The next step is that you will be invited to an Information Session to learn more about our Program and the responsibilities and benefits of becoming a co-op member.

Application forms are only provided to those who attend the information session, so please attend if invited as completing the expression of interest form does not mean that you have applied for our Co-operative Housing Program.


Information Session

The information session is only conducted in areas where applicants are required. This means you might not be invited to an Information Session soon.
In some areas such as the inner city, an Information Session has not been conducted for more than two years.

The Information Session explains co-operative housing, how co-ops choose their members and how to apply. Co-operative are legal entities and ALL co-operative members manage the housing on an ongoing basis. In return, co-ops offer lower rent because of their contribution of members make this possible.

Please do not bring children to an information session. If you cannot make other arrangements, it is your responsibility to make sure they are quiet to allow others to concentrate on the information presented.

You will be contacted to be invited to an Information Session in your area.

NB: Common Equity Housing Limited is encouraging families to apply for our housing as we are "over-subscribed" in certain areas for two bedroom properties.

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