Dromana Cerc.ltd

(Dromana Common Equity Rental Housing Co-operative Ltd.)


What is the CERC Program?

The CERC Program has 1800+ properties around the state - in a range of urban and rural locations.


                    The properties are typical suburban houses or units.


The houses are managed by the tenants, grouped into Co-operatives, of between 10 and 25 households

The Co-operative's role is to:

  • Let the houses to its members;

  • Collect the rents;

  • Maintain the houses;

  • Keep a proper set of accounts;

  • Provide reports on its performance to Common Equity Housing Limited;

  • Comply with relative legislation and Program Directives.

Members of CERCs are expected to:

Work collectively to run the CERC; if they don't, their continued tenancy may be at risk.

Pay their rents

Look after their homes

Participate in regular CERC meetings

Take a turn at being a CERC Board Member, with responsibility for running the CERC

Take a turn at one of the specific roles, such as Chair, Secretary or Maintenance Director

Attend training courses and information sessions

Help select and train new members.

How do I rent a CERC home?

You need to meet a number of requirements to rent a CERC home:

  • You must qualify for Public Housing and be registered with the Office of Housing;

  • Be of low income;

  • Not own residential property;

  • Not have more than $30,000 in assets

You should complete an "Expression of Interest" form and return it to CEHL. You need to keep your contact details up to date.

You may be contacted by a CERC when they have a vacant house and be asked to attend an interview.

Go to the website for more information about the CERC Program and where the houses are.

How much rent do I pay?

The basics are:

Each year every household must provide evidence of the income of everyone living in the household.

Rent is set at $25% of the household's net income plus 100% of any Commonwealth Rent Assistance.

Each house has a Maximum Rent, set at 75% of the typical Market Rent, for a comparable property.

The rents provide the CERCs only income and this then funds the repairs and maintenance of the houses.

Rents are paid to the CERC and members are given monthly rent statements.

What is CEHL's role in the program?

We provide professional assistance and advice to the CERCs in their role as landlord and a social housing provider.

We advise on legal responsibilities and good practice.

We assist CERCs if they have any difficulties in terms of maintaining the houses, managing the rent collection and so on.

We report to the Government on the Program.

We maintain a list of interested persons for the CERCs to access.

Common Equity Housing Ltd.

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